Pain Relief Videos

Here are several videos showing Essential Hanna Somatic Movements and Somatic Solutions for muscle pain. These videos show gentle, easy movements - and quick ideas - that help you teach those “frozen” and locked up muscles how to remember to relax, release and lengthen so they can function more efficiently. The benefits include improved awareness of movement, relief of muscle pain, and increased flexibility, proprioception, coordination, and balance.

For more videos, visit the Essential Somatics channel on YouTube.

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Somatic Exercise Coach - One Trainer’s Experience

Here's what one recent participant in the Essential Somatic Exercise Coach Training had to say after participating in this intensive course. This course if open to movement professionals, medical professional, massage therapist, and athletic and fitness trainers.

Back Pain Relief - Arch and Flatten

This is a rapidly effective Somatic Exercise that will teach your back muscles to relax and lengthen for easier, pain-free movement. Do this movement slowly, and gently 5- 10 times slowly. To buy the complete DVD from which this movement was taken, click here.

Release Hip Pain - Side Bend

This easy Somatic Exercise will help you begin to reverse hip, knee and foot pain. Learn to relax the muscles of the waist that, when chronically contracted, contribute to the pain of sciatica, plantarfascitis, piriformis syndrome, and hip joint pain. You will even out your pelvis, which can become twisted or out of balance due to a trauma or the need to compensate due to injury. To buy the compete instructional DVD from which this video clip was taken, click here.

Back and Hip Pain Relief - The Washrag

Learn to relieve back and hip pain and improve breathing with this easy, safe Somatic Exercise. Do this Somatic Exercise after the Side Bend for optimum results. To buy the complete instructional DVD from which this video clip was taken, click here.

Releasing Neck and Shoulder Pain

Begin to reverse neck and shoulder pain with this safe, easy Somatic Exercise. This exercise gently retrains the muscles of the neck and shoulders to relax. without painful stretching or straining.

Release Your Hamstrings

Learn to release tight hamstrings without painful stretching. In this video you learn to pandiculate (contract, lengthen, then relax) the hamstrings in coordination with your back muscles for fuller lengthening. This video comes from the Essential Somatics DVD, "Pain-Free Athletes."

Easy Relief For Iliotibial Band Pain

This easy iliotibial band release will help eliminate iliotibial band, hip and knee pain without painful stretching. By releasing the muscles that work together with the iliotibial band, you can get long term pain relief easily and effortlessly.

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“Somatics has been profoundly effective in allowing me to eliminate my chronic low back pain MYSELF. I can't recommend Martha's DVD and Somatics highly enough, it is a journey of self discovery that is well worth taking.”

- C.M - Ireland

“I highly recommend Martha Peterson's "Move without Pain." In a very clear and consise manner, Martha captures the essense of Somatics, defining what sensory motor amnesia is and how we can learn how to move with more grace.”

- P.M. - Providence, RI

“This was by far the best online session I've had. Martha was very clear in her instructions and I felt she was there to help me...I got more out of one session with Martha than with many months of another movement therapy.”

- BC - Pittsburgh, Kansas